Specialty Implantation Services

Key Features & Capabilities

  • The ability fo implant from small samples up to 200 and 300 mm wafers with a wide range of ion species
  • GaAs and other compound semiconductors are regularly implanted with 28Si, 29Si, Zn, Be, Mg, H, He, and O
  • Implant Energies from 1 keV to 200 keV single charged
  • Doubly charge species (for 400 keV) are routinely run
  • High tilt angles to 89 degrees
  • Low temperature implants to LN2 temperatures
  • High temperature implants to 650 C and higher
  • Process support for: implant recipe generation, pre & post implant processing, and materials characterization

Core's Specialty Implant Service has over 20 years of technology development in the production of non-traditional and exotic ion species utilizing a variety of substrates. This includes a capability to implant into unusual and irregularly shaped substrates with over 70 different ion species.

Dedicated Specialty Tools

  • Indium implantation tool for 200 and 300 mm wafers
  • Germanium implantation expertise for pre amorphization - 100 to 300 mm wafers
  • Dopant-free System for 100 to 150 mm wafers
    • Ample data demonstrating contamination control spanning 8 years
    • Ideal for pre amorphization and radiation treatment implants
  • Dedicated GaAs and other compound semiconductor wafer system
  • Fast turnaround for 100 mm wafers
  • Dedicated Helium and Hydrogen implantation systems

    All Specialty implanters are calibrated to NIST traceable standards.

    Standard turn around for Specialty implants is 3-5 days, but with advanced notice, same-day cycle time can be arranged.

    Species Available to Implant

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    Sample SIMS Chart for Dy+
    (Dysprosium), 100 keV, 5E14/cm2 beam

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