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Custom Ion Implant Training and Selected Process Engineering Seminars

As an industry leader in semiconductor ion implant services, Core Systems is the name to remember when you have an ion implant outsourcing need.

Core Systems offers Custom Ion Implant Training as well as several semiconductor process engineering seminar training courses.

Seminars are designed for small groups.

  • Implantation Process Course – standard; 4 days (primarily for new process and maintenance engineers and a good review and update for experienced engineers) - Click here for course outline
  • Implanter Particle Control Course – 2 day - Click here for course outline
  • Implanter Contamination Control Course – 2 days (includes a brief overview of particles/FM)
  • Custom Implantation Course – a modified course as needed, based on experience and implanter type
  • High Tilt Implant Issues (4 hours) – Seminar Series 2
  • Implanter Materials Characterization (4 hours) – Seminar Series 4
  • Phosphorus Cross Contamination History and Control (4 hours) – Seminar Series 5
  • Bulk and Surface Contamination in Ion Implantation – Measurement and Control (6 hours) –
    Seminar Series 8
  • General Implanter Overview for Process Engineers: 2 days

Contact Core Systems for your semiconductor processing and ion implant training requirements