Production Implantation Services

200 - 300mm
Wafer Implant Capability

With the addition of two new Axcelis MC3 Medium Current ion implanters, Core has the tools for large-scale production wafer implants.

The MC3 tools feature:

  • Proven process capability from 5 - 750 keV
  • Exceptional uniformity for Recipe Category high-tilt implants
  • Exceptional beam purity throught the Angular Energy Filter

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Our Sunnyvale, CA facility features more than 20 ion implanters operating 24 hours by 7 days a week.The production ion implant clean rooms consist of 2 bays: one for high current ion implanters and one for medium current ion implanters. Each qualified to class 10 protocols with class 1 counts in the working areas. The newest additions to our stable of implanters are the state-of-the-art Axcelis MC3 tools implanting 200 and 300 mm wafers.

Our technology is targeted at serving ion implant requirements for 2 inch to 300mm wafers including: BiPolar and CMOS, GaAs and other compound semiconductor substrates, MEMS, LED's, silicon on insulator and other advanced applications.

Implant Process Capability

Recipe CategoryTool TypeSpeciesEnergy, keVDose, ions/cm2Notes
High Current
NV10-80 seriesAr, As, B/BF2, C, F, Ge, H, He, N, O, P, Si10-80keV7E14 - 1E16+
NV10-160 seriesAr, As, B/BF2, C, F, Ge, H, He, N, O, (P*), Si10-160keV7E14 - 1E16+* Non-P tool
Mid Current
MC3sAr, As, B/BF2, C, F, Ge, H, He, In, N, O, P, Si5-750keV5E11 - 1E15
6200 seriesAr, As, B/BF2, Cs, F, O, P , Si10 - 200 keV5E11 - 7E14
CF SeriesAr, As, B/BF2, F, P10 - 200 keV5E11 - 7E14


  • The use of high current vs. mid current tools is loosely based on dose ranges.
    Core can use a specified tool type for recipes upon request.
  • Exceptional uniformity for Recipe Category high-tilt implants.
  • Very high doses (>5E16 ions/cm2) can be accommodated for special needs.