Disk Refurbishment Services

Disks Serviced by Core

  • Axcelis/Eaton NV series
  • Axcelis/Eaton GSD series (includes SEN SD series)
  • Varian VIISion (and E1000) series
  • Varian 80/12/160-10 and XP series
  • Varian High Energy (Genus) 1500 and Kestrel series
  • AMAT 9000 series (heat sinks/pedestals only)

CORE System Benefits

  • Resourced to meet diverse process and custom engineering requirements
  • Global network of service, parts, and process support
  • Proprietary elastomers designed to meet specialized process needs and life requirements
  • Certified factory testing to assure fast start-up to production qualification
  • In-house PVD silicon coating for longer life and fast turns
  • Focused on delivering superior quality, long term service and longer life

Core Systems has the full capability to repair, refurbish and remanufacture any disk or heat sink. This includes all makes and models of batch processing ion implanters produced since the late 1970s to today. Core is the only provider of refurbishment services to support such a broad timeframe of implanter models and design changes. The objective of our custom support is to extend the life of implant equipment and to continuously lower the cost of ownership for the Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDMs). OEM disk designs are never obsolete at Core. We actively assess the field problems or life limited design issues to provide solutions and upgrades for our customers.

Because the wafer is implanted on the disk, the disk becomes part of the process. At Core, refurbishment provides global service that supports the implant process including qualification, installation, process testing, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events, and end of life determination.

Disk Refurbishment

Incoming disks are carefully inspected to confirm their configuration and to determine what is required for proper refurbishment. Each step of the process is monitored and assessed for compliance to build specifications. At the end of refurbishment a Certificate of Compliance is issued which attests to meeting the customer or Core specifications.

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Axcelis GSD Disks: Super Disks, Manifold Type, Universal Hub Disk, Virtual Slotted Disk

Axcelis' GSD has been the most successful batch ion implanter since its introduction in the early 1990's. Over the last 2-decades there have been many designs, some now are considered obsolete. All types are refurbished by Core, many with improved features and materials that extend production maintenance intervals and reduce costs.

Varian VIISion

Varian's VIISion design has been very successful especially in Japan and Asia. Core has worked with customers there to reduce the time to qualification after a disk replacement. This includes specialized silicon coating, surface finishing and improvements to the wear components such as the hook and roller assembly.

Axcelis and Varian Legacy Implanter Disks NV-10 & 80/160 XP

Although introduced in 1980, many legacy ion implanters are still in production and require disk refurbishing. Core refurbishes all sizes and types including NV-10 Clampless and custom XP designs.

Applied Materials Heat Sinks

A variety of sizes and elastomer combinations of AMAT heat sinks have been offered over almost 30 years. Core supports these heat sink configurations with customized elastomers and improved components. Core elastomers can be tailored to provide increased thermal resistance, improved thermal conductivity or maximum contamination control to meet process demands.