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Aluminum in Silicon

Antimony in Silicon

Arsenic in Silicon

Arsenic in Silicon-ULE

Beryllium in GaAs

Beryllium in InP

Beryllium in Silicon

Boron in GaAS

Boron in Silicon-ULE

Boron in Silicon

Fluorine in Silicon

Helium in Silicon

Helium in ZnSe

Hydrogen in Germanium

Hydrogen in Silicon

Hydrogen in SiO2

Hydrogen in ZnSe

Indium in Silicon

Phosphorus in GaAs

Phosphorus in Silicon

Silicon in GaAs

Glossary of Commonly Used Ion Implantation Terms
A handy list of ion implant terms and explanations

Review of the Cormap Optical Dosimetry System
A review of the performance of an extended performance optical metrology system for ion beam dosimetry system with an energy range from 0.25eV to over 6MeV and a dose range of high E10 to E17 is presented. The dose sensitivity of the instrument over a dose range (E13 – High E16) averages > 0.7 and as high as 1.0+. An optical reflectivity model is presented describing the measurement technique and its response due to ion implant.

Advances in Optical Densitometry for Low Dose Measurements
The move to sub 130nm devices has driven the need to have a wafer level, high sensitivity low dose mapping capability for all species on large diameter silicon wafers. Sheet resistance mapping systems do not provide the feature sensitivity and matching capability required for precision 1E11 to 1E13 doses.