Profile Code Software

Features & Benefits

  • Skewed concentration profiles including:
    - Gaussian
    - Edgeworth
    - Pearson
  • Uniform doping concentrations
  • Multiple implants (up to 10)
  • Multiple profile sums
  • Multi-layer modeling
  • Sputter loss compensation
  • Variable angle of incidence
  • Linear or logarithmic plots
  • Movable cursor with plot information display
  • Expandable and changeable data library
  • Elemental, compound and mixed targets
  • Sheet Rho (for Si only)
  • Any dose
  • Energies from 1 KeV to 5 MeV
  • Monte Carlo plots in seconds not hours
  • Data, plot or ASCII output
  • Presentation ready graphics

Ion Implantation Modeling Using Profile Code

Profile Code is a PC-based software program which takes the guesswork out of ion implantation. It accurately calculates and plots ion implant concentration vs. depth profiles.

Profile Code can model the implantation of elements with atomic numbers from 1 to 92 into any elemental, compound, or mixed substrate. An expandable and programmable library stores all elemental substrates and up to 100 of the most frequently used compound and mixed substrates for recall. Profile Code easily calculates the depth profile for energies from 1 KeV to 5 MeV (50 MeV Gaussian) and any dose. Plot distribution profiles in a matter of seconds. Perform multiple implants and sum any or all of the resulting profiles to achieve uniform distributions. Save costly implanter and analysis time by modeling implants first. Profile Code output can be in the form of printed tabular data, an ASCII file, or presentation-ready graphics for printing on a dot matrix or laser printer.

Thermal Diffusion Module

This allows the user to model the affect of a thermal anneal cycle on a given distribution profile. Anneal cycle ramp up, ramp down, and constant temperature segments are dictated by the user.

High Dose Module

The High Dose Module models the effect of changing substrate composition when implanting to high doses. Migration occurs more rapidly toward the surface due to radiation damage effects. A separate plot displays the target growth due to swelling.