KingCore Technology Co., Ltd.

A joint venture between Core Systems and Kingstone Semiconductor, KingCore Technology is China’s first ion implant service foundry. Having established ourselves as a trusted supplier to many of Asia's top semiconductor companies, KingCore now provides implant services to the solar industry as well.

Innovion Corporation

INNOViON is the leading global provider of foundry ion implantation support and service to the microelectronic industry. Located in San Jose, CA, INNOViON operates 7 days per week and is equipped with a broad range of tooling supporting both standard and specialty implants in diameter ranges of 2” through 300mm.

Evans Analytical Group

Evans Analytical Group® (EAG) is the world's leading, fully integrated, independent laboratory network. It provides global analytical services focused on surface analysis and materials characterization. EAG also provides the broadest range of electronic testing services to help bring your products to market.

FI Silicon

FI Silicon provides Silicon deposition services to more than 20 companies worldwide for many end uses, including implant disk refurbishment and experimentation. FI Silicon specializes in sputtering thick monocrystalline silicon onto a variety of substrates.

Kingstone Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Kingstone Semiconductor Company Ltd., is a high technology company in semiconductor and solar equipment development and manufacturing, located in Zhangjiang High Tech Park and Wuxi New District. The company is developing new doping equipment that enables solar cells to be fabricated on N-type silicon substrates cost effectively.