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INNOViON and Core will set up Asia-Pacific Technology and Sales Service Center in Taiwan

SAN JOSE, California, August 3, 2020 – Innovion and Core Systems announced the creation of Asia-Pacific Technology and Sales Service in Taiwan

親愛的客戶 您好:

在此很榮幸地通知您,美商英諾帆公司 (INNOViON Corp.) 已於2020年五月收購Core Systems, Inc.。英諾帆為全球最大離子植入代工專業服務供應商,自1980年開業,已成立三十幾年。總部位於美國科羅拉多州,並分別在美國波士頓及聖荷西設立工廠,台灣是英諾帆公司設立於美國海外的第一個據點。INNOViON獨特的技術解決方案, 對於支援台灣地區具領先地位之半導體科技公司扮演著重要角色。

為了深耕亞太區市場以提供更即時及優質的服務, Core Systems 將在今年八月於台灣新竹科學園區設立亞太技術暨銷售服務中心。

原服務代理商 凱竣科技股份有限公司 (Catchin Technology Co., Ltd ) 將於2020年10月31日終止其代理服務,爾後將由 INNOViON 及 Core systems團隊接手並提供更完善的服務。

若您有任何疑問,歡迎與本服務中心業務代表江明學(Charles Jiang)先生聯繫。

Dear customers:

We are pleased to inform you that INNOViON Corp. acquired Core Systems, Inc. as of 1-May 2020. INNOViON, founded in 1980, is the largest provider of ion implantation foundry service in the world. With multiple manufacturing locations and 30 implanters, we have diverse applications for every need. INNOViON plays a significant role in supporting leading semiconductor and technology companies with cost effective, unique technical solutions.

In order to further develop Asia-pacific market and provide timely and better service, Core Systems will set up Asia-Pacific Technology and Sales Service Center at Taiwan Hsinchu Science Park in August 2020.

CATCHIN Technology Co., Ltd will terminate its agency services on October 31, 2020. In the future, INNOViON and Core Systems team will continually provide more professional and high-quality services to our customers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Service Centre.

Core systems Asia Pacific Regional Sales Manager
江明學 Charles Jiang
Phone: +886 3 5771501 #301     Cell: +886 972906638


About Core:

Core Systems is a leading global provider of after-market ion implanter disk refurbishment services.  Core was founded in 1990 offering ion implant foundry, disk refurbishment, parts and technical services.  Core sold its foundry business to INNOViON in 2012 to concentrate on its technical leadership in disk refurbishments.  Core is located in Fremont, California.  More information about Core Systems can be found at


INNOViON is the leading global provider of foundry ion implantation support and service to the microelectronic industry.  Formed in 2001, INNOViON serves the silicon, compound, specialized and research semiconductor markets.  INNOViON has locations in Colorado Springs, CO, San Jose, CA, Wilmington, MA and Hsinchu, Taiwan.  More information about INNOViON is available at