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Core Announces Acquisition by INNOViON Corporation

SAN JOSE, California, May 6, 2020 – Core Systems today announced the acquisition of Core Systems Incorporated by INNOViON Corporation, a San Jose, California based provider of ion implantation foundry services.  Core Systems and INNOViON have had a long relationship that included the purchase of Core’s implant foundry business by INNOViON in 2012.

“Core and INNOViON have worked together for many years”, said Walt Wriggins, Core’s CEO, “we have had a synergistic relationship and it was a natural fit for the two organizations to unite to serve the semiconductor market.  We have a great team and they have a great team, we’re looking forward to working together,” continued Wriggins.

Mr. Wriggins will continue to lead the Core organization with INNOViON’s Board Chairman, Tim Townley, coordinating the transition efforts.  “We will align some activities and look for opportunities to synergize,” said Townley, “but Core does an excellent job and we’re going to keep the momentum going.”

About Core:

Core Systems is a leading global provider of after-market ion implanter disk refurbishment services.  Core was founded in 1990 offering ion implant foundry, disk refurbishment, parts and technical services.  Core sold its foundry business to INNOViON in 2012 to concentrate on its technical leadership in disk refurbishments.  Core is located in Fremont, California.  More information about Core Systems can be found at


INNOViON is the leading global provider of foundry ion implantation support and service to the microelectronic industry.  Formed in 2001, INNOViON serves the silicon, compound, specialized and research semiconductor markets.  INNOViON has locations in Colorado Springs, CO, San Jose, CA, Wilmington, MA and Hsinchu, Taiwan.  More information about INNOViON is available at