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KingCore Exceeds Expectations and Continues to Expand

WUXI, CHINA - October 11, 2011 - KingCore Technology, China's first ion implant service foundry, announced the completion of their first year of outsourced ion implantation services in Wuxi, China and are now heading into their second year with plans of expansion, a full year ahead of schedule.

The joint venture between Core Systems Inc. and Kingstone Semiconductor Company, Ltd. opened its doors in August of 2010 with two implanters in a Class 10 cleanroom. Initial expectations of growth have been exceeded to the point where soaring demand has necessitated the installation of a third implanter, with plans for a fourth within the next 12 months. We are extremely pleased with the reception we have received from fabs throughout China stated Wei Chen, KingCore's General Manager. There is clearly a need for a reliable ion implant service company and we have seen an enthusiastic response from Chinese fabs wanting to utilize outsourcing as a means to succeed in a highly competitive environment.

Doug Gonelli, Core's Implant Operations Manager observed, "We knew our biggest challenge with growth would be our ability to train local employees in the operation and maintenance of a high quality ion implantation fab. However, with Core's ISO 9001 certified training program and the high caliber local labor pool in Wuxi, we have been able to expand with substantially less US support than we initially anticipated."

Added Capabilities

KingCore began operations with the capability to implant standard production species on wafer sizes of 2" through 6". Within the first months of operation the ability to implant selected R&D species was achieved. Most recently, by virtue of Kingstone's solar implanter development and Core's disk expertise, KingCore is now able to offer high current ion implantation on solar tiles as well. Future plans call for the expansion of Core's disk refurbishment business into the KingCore facility creating the quickest and most responsive disk refurbishment service in Asia.

Core Systems is a world leader in semiconductor ion implant outsourcing technology. Core was founded in 1990 to supply ion implant technology, products and services to the semiconductor manufacturing community. The headquarters is located in Sunnyvale CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley with unique access to customers, technology suppliers, materials and technical resources.

Kingstone Semiconductor Company Ltd., headquartered in Shanghai, China, is led by a multinational team renowned in the field of ion implantation. Kingstone specializes in ion implant solutions for the solar and semiconductor industries. Kingstone believes that its focus on developing and manufacturing leading edge technology based on customer requirements and feedback sets it apart from its competition.

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