Krytek Ion Source Conditioner

Features & Benefits

  • Automated test and conditioning sequences recipe controlled
  • Automated leak checking
  • Electrical pre-testing of arc voltage, filament, TC's & insulators
  • Out-gassing of the filament and arc chamber
  • Oxide burn-off and/or dehydrolyzing
  • End-point detection and auto shut-down
  • Transport, test and storage in vacuum canister
  • Designed to take all Axcelis, Varian, AMAT and Nissin implant sources
  • Throughput to handle needs of multiple implant systems

The Krytek 300 Ion Source Conditioner offers one-step conditioning and testing to improve implanter performance and save valuable implanter time. The only system that simulates and conditions an ion source off-line as if it were in an implanter, the Krytek 300 reduces implanter time required to bring up a source following exchange by one to two hours.

A single Krytek 300 can condition and test ion sources after every rebuild, off-line, for up to 10 implanters in your fab. The system supports ion sources and ion beam components from all implanter manufacturers. Payback can be expected in ~125 source changes.

With over 125 systems installed globally, the Krytek source conditioner has a proven track record of saving time and money.

The Krytek 300 Increases Implanter Availability and Productivity

  • Reducing time required for ion source exchange by up to 90%
  • Eliminating failure after source exchange (zero-hour sources)
  • Eliminating premature source and other ion beam component failure due to rebuild errors


Implantation Services
Implantation Services

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