Core Systems is a world leader in semiconductor ion implant outsourcing technology. We were founded in 1990 to provide embedded microcontrollers for ion implant equipment. These controllers enabled SECS communications, recipe management and remote monitoring for implanters as well as PVD systems. Hundreds of systems were installed worldwide.

Shortly thereafter, Core Systems began to refurbish NV-10 implanter disks as another way to add value to legacy equipment. In 1998, Core furthered its involvement in ion implantation services when it acquired implanters for R&D and Specialty implant services.

By 2002, with many companies clamoring for an alternative to their existing production implant provider, we increased our capabilities to twelve implanters and opened a Production implant service. Today we are proud to offer Disk Refurbishment and PVD Silicon Coating services to a world-wide market.